Newest CHC Board Member, Spring 2023 News and Views

Aranea Push is a local artist and our newest board member. She’s lived in Albany for six years, originally hailing from Nebraska. “I fell in love with this area. It reminds me of my hometown, with more community and without all the snow.”

Aranea learned about CHC through a Google search for local nonprofits that focused on housing. It was originally just to donate money. She shared the organization with a friend, who came back to her 6 months later, asking if she’d be willing to make social media posts for the group. Aranea has been doing that work for over two years now. “In that time, I’ve learned so much about affordable housing and our current housing and homelessness crisis. It’s a big tangled web that negatively impacts all of us. But it’s our most vulnerable populations that bear the brunt of this crisis. I’m incredibly proud to work with Creating Housing Coalition to help build affordable homes for those most in need.”

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