Mark Vidal Joins CHC Board, Summer 2023

Mark Vidal had been wanting to live in a tiny home for a very long time. It just made sense with the amount of space he needed. He had been at the shelter for quite some time trying to save up the money to find a place of his own. So when he saw the Hub City Village sign at the site this past winter, he immediately contacted CHC to find out more about becoming a resident there. 

Although his income level was slightly too much to qualify, Mark still wanted to be part of the process. “It’s good for the community–It’s helping people out of their cars and off the side of the road.” He says. Since first connecting with CHC he has donated countless hours and energy going out into the community to distribute food and supplies with the COAT outreach team.

Mark loves to spend most of his spare time with his daughters and granddaughters. While he still resides at the shelter, his ultimate goal is to have a home. He would love to have a tiny home to show his family!!

Mark has been an incredible part of the organization and our community. We are thrilled to have him on the CHC board!

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