Building safe, community supported, self-governing housing that honors dignity and growth.

Grant Update
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Addressing the Needs of Our Unhoused Neighbors

Our goal is to create housing
solutions for our unhoused
neighbors in Albany 

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Who We’ll Serve

Residents of Hub City Village
will be veterans, seniors,
singles, couples, young
adults aging out of the foster
care system, people with disabilities and those who
have experienced chronic

Tiny Homes Make a Big Impact!

Sustainable Communities

Hub City Village, will be the first tiny house community in Albany, OR that addresses the needs of our unhoused neighbors. Residents of Hub City Village will represent veterans, seniors, singles, couples – those who have experienced chronic homelessness. 

What materials are used?

All of the homes in the community will be built using green building principles to build an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient village. Solar panels will be used to generate electricity for the village and there will be a community garden for residents to grow their own food.

Lasting Transformation

Each resident will have access to an array of services through our partnerships with social service providers in Albany. Classes will be offered on a regular basis.

What do classes include?
Each class will include conflict resolution through restorative justice, money management, healthy cooking on a limited budget, and gardening, as well as other self-help workshops. This will enable our residents to live healthy and productive lives while reducing the need for outside services.

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Cooperative Model

Hub City Village will utilize an innovative model to meet the needs of the unhoused. Unlike most affordable housing projects, residents of Hub City Village will not simply be renters, but will instead be members of a housing cooperative with a share in the ownership of the village. 

What impact will this make?
This will enable them to create a modest asset that can be cashed out if, and when, they choose to leave. As part of this model, Creating Housing Coalition will hold the property in trust to assure continued affordability to members of the cooperative.

It Takes a Community to Raise a Village

Group Photo at Hub City Gala
Group Photo at Hub City Gala