Progress on Waverly! Spring 2023 News and Views

On January 9, 2023, we saw another significant step towards the development of Hub City Village.  Above are the photos from the street of the sign and house pre-demolition.  Below, is the demolition in progress and the same view from the street post-demolition. Quite the difference in visibility and look of the property!  We had to haul in several yards of gravel to provide stability to the equipment as they opened up the property.

What’s next is the question on everyone’s mind!
The Planned Development is working its way through the city planning department with the tree removal permit top most on that list. An expected hearing date is likely to be April 17, 2023. We will let folks know closer to the date so that they can come to show support for the project. 

You may be wondering why we have to remove the trees?
After we are approved for our development, we will remove trees, stumps and level the ground from all those holes caused by root systems. The primary reason the trees have to be removed is that in the development of the property, the root system would be damaged. Eventually, the tree would die and become a significant danger to people and homes. We will know once the city approves the plans what trees, if any, we can keep. We have already planned for dozens of trees to be planted – most of them fruit-bearing. We also look forward to using the reclaimed redwood for picnic tables and garden boxes.

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