CHC Moves Closer to Land Ownership, Fall 2022 News and Views

Creating Housing Coalition is working our way through the steps to land ownership! Because we are receiving funding through federal resources and we didn’t already own the property before we applied for the funding, we have a lengthy Environmental Assessment (EA) to complete.

In September we met with the National Oceanic and Administrative Association (NOAA) for them to review our K&D Engineering Stormwater abatement design for the development.  This gives us permission to publish the EA first at the state level and then at the national level for 15 days each. 

This places our purchase of the property no earlier than November 2022.

What we have done in preparation: 

–        Cleared brush and placed erosion control barriers around the perimeter

–        Erected a fence with our banner prominently displayed

–        Applied for demo permits

–        Completed several draft site plans

–        Conducted a neighborhood meeting

–        Completed several house plans

–        Cleared and donated metal appliances to Habitat for Humanity

–        Pre-application meeting with the city

–        Hired a consultant, Randy Patterson, through Baldwin Construction to help guide our work

We are currently conducting a traffic study in our sister city of Eugene (at Emerald Village) to produce data for the reduction of parking spaces required on the site so we can get more housing and less land taken up by cars.  And we will create the application for the Hub City Village planned development.

We look forward to having our plan approved in early 2023 and beginning the tree removal and underground infrastructure shortly after that approval process is complete.

We’d like to say a big “Thank You!” to all the volunteers and board members who have contributed labor, time, and energy to this project. It has been a productive year so far and we are excited for continued progress as these major steps get completed!

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