Meet the contractors! Summer 2023 News and Views


I am excited to be involved with the new Hub City Village project to help develop the very first tiny home community here in my own town of Albany, Oregon. Being part of a team addressing the needs of our unhoused and housing-unstable neighbors is important to me and I’m thrilled to help make Creating Housing Coalition’s vision a reality. Knowing that what I do will make a tangible and significant difference in other peoples’ lives for years to come is tremendously rewarding and provides me with a sense of satisfaction, purpose, and joy.

Originally founded in June 2008 by Heidi Overman (Architect) and Lance Overman (Engineer) Artisan Design Works Architecture & Planning, LLC offers professional design services for commercial and residential projects for both new and existing buildings. 


JBLC Construction is a Benton County construction company that has over 50 years of combined building experience. We are a diversified team that is represented by veterans, minorities, and retired public servants.  Our commitment to serve our community, while addressing a nationwide crisis was the driving force of accepting this project. We want to be a part of the solution!


I  have lived in Albany on and off since 1973. My company, Energy Wise Services, has probably installed more solar for non-profits than anyone in the State of Oregon. It’s simply something I feel compelled to do, that is to bring about low energy expenses for those that need it the most. 

Through a combination of a grant from the Oregon Department of Energy, an incentive through the Energy Trust of Oregon, a grant from the new federal Inflation Reduction Act, and hopefully, a Blue Sky grant through a voluntary Pacific Power program, I hope to get a payback on the Hub City Village solar system in around 2 years. A few decades of free energy would then be produced.

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